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1500lbs Cargo Lashing


1500lbs Cargo Lashing

Product Properties

After-sales Service: Yes

Warranty: 5years

Type: Webbing Sling

Material: PE

Lifting Capacity: 5T

Fixed Form: Welding Type

Descripción del producto

Carefully selected materials

Strictly use raw materials for production refuse to cut corners

Mature technology

Years ofindustry production experience mature technology

Strict quality inspection

Strictly control each procedure and strictly test the products

Support customization

Factory processing and manufacturing can be customized according to your reasonable needs

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The unique advantages of Round Sling:
1,Color code, in according with international standard, to validate sling capacity.  
2,Special thickness sleeves and special technical to add using life.
3,Each strips equal to 1ton capacity, it is easy to differentiate sling capacity.  
4,Clearly print WLL and length on surface of sling.
5,Change-bearing point to add using life.
6,If the core material no break, no loss of strength from abrasion, there is a simple ness way, it is easy to differentiate to decide if the sling is  taken away from service or not.
7,100% polyester has less than 4% extension at rated capacity, and will return originally length, and 8%-11% extension at break.  
8,Clearly tag with serial number and a copy of certificate together with one sling. 

9,Working temperature range: -40ºC-100ºC

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